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In therapy with me, we will work together in creating and accomplishing goals such as:
  • Building healthy relationships
  • Healing from trauma
  • Resolving issues with food and body image
  • Coping with life’s overwhelming stressors
  • Working through feelings of sadness, anxiety, and/or anger
  • Overcoming problems with sleep, concentration and low energy
  • Resolving issues with alcohol or substance abuse
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About Carol About Carol Husain: Carol is a licensed counselor with years of experience helping clients struggling with trauma, anxiety, and addictions.
About Trauma Specialization: 'Trauma' is an event, either experienced or witnessed, that represents a threat to one’s life or well being. People can and do overcome the overwhelming impact of trauma.
What to expect What to expect: During your sessions with Carol, you can expect a comfortable and trusting environment designed to help you focus.
Carol's contact information Contact: Call or e-mail Carol today to make an appointment for a consultation.