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About Carol

Carol is a licensed counselor with years of experience helping clients struggling with trauma, anxiety, and addictions.

Carol A. Husain has been practicing psychotherapy for over eight years. She is licensed in both Washington DC and Virginia. She helps individuals, couples and adolescents who are struggling through difficult life situations. Her areas of specialization include survivors of emotional, sexual and physical abuse, substance abuse, adult children of alcoholics and/or substance abusers, dissociation, depression, and anxiety. Her work integrates traditional talk therapy with other creative modalities such as body therapy and mindfulness.

Carol believes that people are experts on themselves. Symptoms are viewed as a necessary and creative response to one’s environment. Carol believes that behaviors are not random and have meaning. She uses a strength based, solution-focused approach to help gain an understanding of behaviors and see behaviors in a family of original context. She also incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy to work with cognitive distortions and cognitive reframing. Carol provides psycho-education about the psycho-physiological effects of trauma.

Carol completed the Certificate Program in Advanced Trauma Treatment at the University of Maryland. She has been trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. Carol has attended the Beck Institute of Cognitive Therapy. She has also had extensive training in Dual Diagnosis treatment.